Basic and Advance Certificate Course in Panchakarma
Panchakarma is a group of therapeutic procedures aiming at cleansing the body for rejuvenation and also as part of treatment to particular disease. The course consists of practical sessions and theory sessions both. More emphasis is given for practical training so that the students can develop confidence in practicing various Panchakarma procedures individually. Theory sessions include Ayua message techniques, various Swedanatechniques, Vamana, Virechana, all types of Vasti, Nasya, Udavartana, KeraliyaPanchakarma procedures and much more.

Initially 4 weeks of in-house teaching and practical training program [Total hours -144 ; Theory -24 hours , Practical -120 hours ] was planned. After completion of The first batch, and with feedback from the trainees it was felt that a more intense ADVANCED course is required with longer duration of training period, and hence these programs of 1 month of Basic and 2 months of advance certificate courses are planned .
Intake Capacity
Basic Course: 5 to 15 per batch Advance Course : 3 to 6 per batch
Fee Structure
 For Indian delegates  For Foreigners delegates
1. Basic Course
Registration Fee Rs. 1,000.00
Course Fee Rs. 14,000.00 
Total Fee Rs. 15,000.00
1. Basic Course
Registration Fee USD 20
Course Fee USD 375  
Total Fee USD 395
1. Advance Course
Registration Fee Rs. 1,000.00
Course Fee Rs. 29,000.00
Total Fee Rs. 30,000.00
1. Advance Course
Registration Fee USD 20
Course Fee USD 750
Total Fee USD 770
1. For Both Basic and Advance Courses
Registration Fee Rs. 1,000.00 + 1,000.00
Course Fee Rs. 14,000.00 + 29,000.00
Total Fee Rs. 45,000.00
1. For Both Basic and Advance Courses
Registration Fee USD 20+20=40
Course Fee USD 1125
Total Fee USD 1165
Basic course: 1month/4 weeks of in-house teaching andpractical training programme.

[Total Working Hours – 144 hours; Theory – 24 hours, Practical – 120 hours]

Advance Course: 2 months/8 weeksof in-house teaching and intensive practical training programme (After completion of Basic course)

[Total Working Hours – 226 hours; Theory – 16 hours, Practical – 210 hours]

  • Registered medical practitioners OF AYUSH system, and Modern medical system.
  • Internees,PG & Ph.D. scholars of Ayua.
  • Degree or Diploma holders in Ayua from any recognized institution from outside India.
  • All those interested candidates who have completed the 4 weeks certificate course in Panchakarma.( They will be given exemption from attending the first 4 weeks or revised one month of training, however they will have to register and surrender their certificate, a new certificate will be issued after satisfactory completion of 3 months training).
    Outcome of Training
    Basic course gives on hand practical training for maximum Panchakarma procedures so that they can treat patients independently and successfully.

    Advance course has been planned to give on hand intensive training to the candidate so they can establish the panchkarma centre and practice independently.
    Dept. of Panchkarma, Shree Gulabkunverba Ayu Mahavidyalaya, Jamnagar.
    * Courses Tentative Date
    Only Basic Course Only Advance Course Both Basic & Advance Courses

    5 July 2017

    6 Aug 2017

    5 July 2017

    If there are more applicants for the basic and advance course than more batches may be conducted over and above mentioned time table. For further details please contact the course coordinator of concerned course.

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