Public Domain
Different activities are planned under this domain of activity such as educating the public regarding the concept of quality progeny and better antenatal care, baby care, treatment of common ailments and highlighting the specific speciality areas of Ayu such as Dentistry, Para surgical treatments such as Kshara Karma, Agnikarma, etc. through organizing medical camps for the benefit of ailing public.
Brief description of Domain activities
Quality Progeny
Ayua aims at disease free society which starts with planned pregnancy. There are ample of drugs and regimens in Ayu to have children with good health, intelligence, bold and courageous.The program on quality progeny aim at educating the public on importance of quality progeny, contributions of Ayua in getting
children of desired qualities.

Antenatal Care
It is important to give good antenatal care for healthy growth and development of the foetus as well as good health of mother, and these subjects are well dealt in Ayua under the heading of GarbhiniParicharya i.e. special care and dietary regimen from first day of pregnancy to delivery of the child; following these the mother will have easy and smooth delivery, and the child born too will be disease free and healthy in all respects. The post delivery period of mother too will pass off smoothly without any complications.
Baby Care
Right from the birth to adulthood, children need special care both physically and psychologically, and Ayua beautifully narrates this under the heading of Balopachara. Simple and effective techniques of care and remedies are the tools explained which result in healthy and robust children. Healthy children of today are the healthy citizens of tomorrow. Under this program, the concepts, techniques and good health practices of child care will be covered.
Healthy & Happy Family
The health and happiness of a family is solely dependent upon the women present there. Because of the technology development and introduction of various newer cooking aids, the women folk are losing the knowledge of healthy cooking practices. The traditional cooking methods and those explained in Ayua maintain nutritional values along with taste and flavor. In addition to this, the special recipes based on seasons such as juices, homemade soft drinks, soups, linctus, Paka, sweets etc., which target on good health, are getting lost due to lack of knowledge. The aim of this program is to restore the traditional knowledge in light of Ayu and good health, a program specially designed for women.
Life Style Management
Today’s society is full of stressful activities, irregular practices of daily activities such as sleep, diet and eating habits, personal hygiene, habits of unhealthy substances such as tobacco, alcohol etc. all are the prime causes for Non Communicable Diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia etc. and even to fatal conditions such as Cancer and Cardio vascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Healthy life style is the key of disease free living and Ayua postulates the same. The tips for maintaining good health by healthy life style practices of living, eating, sleeping etc. are well explained in this science. Under this program, the public will be made aware of the salient contributions of Ayua for maintenance of optimum health.
Treatment of Common Ailments
The kitchen and kitchen garden are great resources of medicines for common ailments. Plants such as Tulasi (Holy Basil), Nimba (Neem), Ardraka (Ginger), Kumari (Aloe), Guduchi, Vasa, etc. are the common plants present in almost every household which have rich therapeutic potential. Similarly the spices and condiments such as Garlic, Onion, Pepper, Turmeric, Clove, Cumin, Coriander, Cardamom etc., Pulses and Cereals too have high therapeutic value which can be used effectively in managing common and seasonal ailments such as flue, diarrhea, cough and cold, headache, abdominal pain, toothache etc. With the use of these natural remedies, the use of synthetic and chemical drugs can be reduced along with their unwanted side effects. The program under this aims to train general public about the common diseases and their home remedies, so that they become self-reliant.
Students Domain
Ayu has rich tradition of guidelines for healthy life under the heading of Dinacharya,Rutucharya, Aharavidhi etc. Now a day, health education is given right from primary school level to college and higher education level, but unfortunately the time tested traditional knowledge is not imparted at any level! In the specially designed courses, the students of various levels will be exposed to the health benefits of following these regimens of Ayua. In addition to this, there are ample of drug resources in and around us, the plants and spices having medicinal values, too shall be included in these programs.
Brief description of Domain activities
The motto of this domain is “Mera Swasthya Mera Adhikar”. The activities planned under this domain are educating and creating awareness in the children right from very young age i.e. from primary school level to collegiate level, about importance of health and hygiene in prevention and promotion of general health, by organizing lectures, demonstration classes, workshops etc. The students will be made aware of how they can live healthy forever, what rules, regulations, and regimens they have to follow; what they should eat and what they should not eat; which habits, foods, life style, moral behaviour etc. are harmful for their health, and such like will be taught in this program. To boost physical and mental health, yoga and meditation too will be taught during the training. Thus, children would get exposed to traditional knowledge and cultivate holistic approach to life right from very beginning of their childhood.
Young generation has power to change the society, only drawback being they don’t know the right direction to make healthy and happy life. The definition of health (Swastha) in Ayua includes physical, mental, social as well as spiritual health. Now a day, eating pizza, burger, pastry and other fast, staple, junk foods daily is becoming a fashion, along with this, keeping awake till late night and getting up late, eating meal without following any schedule, living always in stress etc. are injuriousto their biological clock, which on long run may cause for different health problems. The knowledge of Ayu is helpful to build up the best healthy and happy young generation. Along with rules of healthy living great scholars of Ayua have advocated the use of some medicines to remain fit always, both physically and mentally which are known as Rasayana (the rejuvenators). The Rasayana drugs to mental faculty are named as Medhya Rasayana (the nootropics). The knowledge of these and rightful use can play great role in building up of healthy and well-built youth with higher level of intellectual personality. The aim of this program targeted to youth with motto of “My Happiness My Right”.
Value Education
Indian culture and heritage is very famous worldwide for its moralvalues and value education. Many saints, great personality like Swami Vivekanand, Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Mahatma Gandhi, scientist like Homi Bhabha, Jagadishchandra Bose, Abdul Kalam, Kalpana Chavala and mathematician like Subrahmanyam, noble laureates like Rabindranath Tagor, Amarthya Sen etc. all are born in India and held the name of the nation very high prestegiously in the world. Their biography/autobiography is a message for all to live with high morality. If these are taught right from childhood, it will give change in his/her thinking and attitude towards values of life. It is proposed to arrange lecture series for the students under this domain activity.
It is proposed to conduct special programmes for students of Ayu on subjects such as computer literacy, data mining, personality development and value education. The ancient knowledge of specialized practice oriented treatments of Ayu are fading away. These rich specialization resources of Ayu such as Nadi Vijyan, Marma Vijyan, Danta Vijyan, Visha Vaiya, traditional bone setting, Agnikarma, Raktamokshana, Vaidya Jyotisha (Medical Astrology) and expert practicing Vaidyas in particular treatment fields, are not exposed to students of Ayua, and the USCE-Ayu with an aim of rejuvenating them, will design special lecture and demonstration programs for the awareness and benefit of Ayua scholars.
Tearchers Domain
There is no separate pedagogy division in technical education particularly in all medical education, and hence it is the need of the hour. The University School of Continuing Education in Ayua proposes to conduct regular teachers training programmes to update the teachers of Ayua in teaching skills, education technology through workshops, seminars, and CME’s and ROTP programmes. Computer skills, data collection, research methodology, communication skills, personality development etc. are the other areas of focus.
Practitioners Domain
To boost the confidence of practitioners of Ayua, and to practice the system of Ayua in general practice, as well as to develop specialized skills such as Ksharasutra, Agnikarma, Panchakarma, Kriya Kalpa, Netra Chikitsa, Anti-natal and Post-natal Care, etc. CME and other clinical training programmes will be planned and conducted. Special certificate programmes for practitioners of Ayua in subjects such as Dentistry in Ayua, Traditional Nadi Vijyan, Ksharasutra etc. will be conducted.
Brief description of Domain activities
Under this activity the following four courses have been announced:
Certificate Course in Panchakarma
Panchakarma is a group of therapeutic procedures aiming at cleansing the body for rejuvenation and also as part of treatment to particular disease. The course consists of practical sessions and theory sessions both. More emphasis is given for practical training so that the students can develop confidence in practicing various Panchakarma procedures individually. Theory sessions include Ayu message techniques, various Swedana, Vamana, Virechana, all types of Basti, Nasya, Udavartana, Keraliya Panchakarma procedures and much more.
Certificate Course in Dentistry in Ayu
There are no separate special short term courses for dentistry in Ayu.Jalandhara Bandha is an ancient technique analgesia to head and neck region, explained in the texts of Yoga Shashtra. This technique is successfully being practiced by traditional dental healers and is also practiced by some established Ayu Dental Practitioners too. This program aims at exposing the treasure of Ayu dentistry through experienced trained persons who are practicing it successfully.
Certificate Course in Ksharsutra
This program aims at promoting and propagating authentic Ayuic treatment modality Ksharsutra for various ailments with special importance to ano-rectal disease. In this course the trainees will get practical exposure to the subject with hands on training in the art and technique of Ksharasutra under learned experts in the field. A team of highly experienced and renowned teachers from University and practicing Surgeons and subject experts will be imparting their valuable knowledge to the trainees, the technique of Ksharasutra and anorectal practices to improve practical skill and experience.
Certificate course in Nadi Sutra (Traditional Nadi Vijyanam): Nadi
is a form of diagnostic technique based on the pulse reading. It was much prevalent in traditional practitioners and also in certain systems of medical practice such as Siddha and Unani. The traditional practices of Nadi have their own method of examination and interpretation, which needs training and practice. An expert in this Nadi Shastra is able to diagnose a patient pin-pointedly and hence it has more clinical significance. One such traditional Nadi science is the Agasthyakrita Lada Vaidya. The same will be taught and trained in this program.
In addition to the above mentioned programs, it is also proposed to conduct certificate courses on the following specialized treatment modalities which are separately mentioned under the umbrella of Ayu, which needs to be revived for the benefit of humanity such as:
Marma Chikitsa
There are certain neurological diseases where in the actual pathology is due to injury on the vital points of the body known as Marma, and management of such conditions is known as Marma Chikitsa. The injured vital points are identified and rectifying measures such as oil massage, external applications, and internal medications are applied, giving miraculous results. It is truly a practical science which needs revival owing to its benefits, and it is proposed to conduct special training programs on this speciality for Ayu practitioners.
Agnikarma Chikitsa
This therapy is very useful in peripheral nervous system involved painful disorders; like knee joint pain, headache, toothache, backache etc. It is also indicated in pathological conditions like filariasis, piles, fissure, abscess, hernia, hyper tension, heart diseases, glaucoma and other eye diseases, gout etc. But now a day very few physicians are applying this therapy in their clinics. Under the procedure of this therapy gold, silver or copper rod is used for cauterization on specific points and the pain gets subside in no time, without any oral medicines! The diseases gets subside within 2-3 sittings. This therapy should develop as a substitute or alternate therapy of painkiller/analgesia, and it is proposed to revive this treatment modality by conducting practical training workshops.
Raktamokshan Therapy
It is also known as blood letting. The fundamental concept behind this therapy is to let out the impure blood from the body. The diseases get subsided within few sittings and one can save patients from long term medicinal therapy and major surgery. In ancient time, special type of instruments were utilized for this therapy, each of these methods have their own indications, contraindications and benefits.
Jalokavacharana or leech application
This is a popular method of bloodletting with least complications. In classics it is introduced as a therapy in many disorders like eczema, gout, filariasis, gangrene, rheumatoid arthritis and all the skin diseases. The therapy is gaining popularity as part of Cosmetics - beauty treatment in western country. There are experts who effectively practice these specialities, and it is proposed to conduct workshops on these subjects separately for the benefit of Ayua Practitioners.
AgadaTantra dealing with management of poisonous bites is dealt in separate section by Acharya Sushruta, elaborate description of bites by varieties of snakes, insects and scorpion, and even rabid dog is dealt here. But due to the risk involved in saving life, and lack of practical skills, this speciality is becoming obsolete. But even today there are some group of Vaidyas practicing this highly

successful and practical branch of medicine with miraculous results. With the pure Ayu based approach, they are saving life of affected and have saved many from vital organ failure to amputation. Recently Maharashtra vaidyas have developed herbal oral medicine named ‘Pinak’ for snake bite, which is said to be as effective as Anti Venom therapy. It is proposed to revitalize this speciality practical branch of Ashtanga Ayu by conducting training programs.
Medical Astrology
If corroboration recorded are any evidence, it may be said that beginning right from the Samhita period up till 17thh Century(Circa) Ayu was studied with Jyotish concurrently Jyotish (Astrology) during those days had an important role to play even before the birth - right from the insemination to determination of health, disease including longevity, almost every aspect concering a person's life. The Medical Astrology can be used effectively in cure of diesases like AIDS, Cancer along with the prescribed medicines. There have been many cases where Medical Astrology has provided better results than medications only. It is also used in preventing the waste of time and resources in cases like infertility etc. If before starting the medications for infertility it is determined that the person concerned is unable to conceive - with the help of the Chart (Horoscope) it can save the person's money, time and unnecessary medications.
It is the duty of stake holders of Ayu to do all efforts to preserve and promote the practical and result oriented clinical branches to be developed as popular therapies. USCE Ayu is going to put all efforts to revitalize the Ayu specialities having miraculous, result oriented, easily applicable, more comfortable and with minimum complications. USCE Ayu plans to give intensive training to the practicing physicians of Ayua through these programs and finally people at large will get benefited with the treasures of this age old healing science - Ayu.

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